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Cala Bandida is all about the joy of living life intensely, it is the concept of a life full of unforgettable moments . 

Enjoy the privilege of experiencing the dawn of Spain coupled with the best Mediterranean cuisine in an inspiring and magical setting.

The sea, the sun, the night, the moon, the music, like the flavour of the best champagne, friends, lovers, partners, faithful, unfaithful… a place where anything is possible.

Cala Bandida is the risk of living a unique experience by trying something different and incomparable. We don’t have excuses, we don’t follow a manual or automatic procedures to protect us, that is what makes Cala Bandida so unique, special and authentic.

The impulse that makes you feel alone is comparable to jumping from a high point into a void, its appeal is directly proportional to the intensity of your life, daring and nerve.

Dance with it, let yourself go and for a night you will be theirs, perhaps for that night, for a day, or perhaps a moment led to a glimpse of eternity … just come and live.

You have taken your whole life to find it, are you going to let it escape?