Live. Life. On.

Our interpretation of life hasn’t changed in the slightest. Live. Life. On. The. Edge. Sound familiar? Doubtless during the seven years that we’ve already shared you’ve heard, repeated and hash-tagged our leit motiv a thousand times. And maybe doing so today it may be more pertinent than ever.

Although maybe now you believe that everything is different. Different because we’ve had to slow down and all of a sudden we have time on our hands, because we need to be still, to look after our physical, mental and emotional health, because we need to embrace optimism and solidarity until this is all over. Different times because in just a few days, we have come to realise just how lucky we were and continue to be.

We know that you’re aware of this, but we wanted to say it to you in a newsletter: #LiveLifeOnTheEdge is today more vibrant than ever and that’s why Cala Bandida doesn’t desist. During this exceptional time we’re going to share with you, via social media, some of the unique moments that made us #ProfessionalBonVivants and with your help we’ll recapture images, nooks and sentiments that make CB a unique location well worth being in…. and VERY SOON well worth returning to.

Today Xabia waits, quietly, and Cala Bandida is taking a temporary break. But life will open up again soon. Our team are already preparing for a happy reunion with all of you, improvements, changes, surprises. Because many things are going to change, must change, but our #LiveLifeOnTheEdge doesn’t.

Big hugs from the Cala Bandida Family.


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