CALA bandida
Everyone who knows Cala Bandida knows that it's much more than just a restaurant. The premises has opened up new spaces in the lounge substantially improving the comfort of our customers, increasing the bar's potential and bringing the Mediterranean even closer to all areas of the restaurant.
At CB the protagonists continue to be the colour turquoise, the use of wood and a myriad of other details which enhance the flow areas, alcoves and shelving. But there are some things that never change. For example the extent of our kitchen service, Non Stop Food Service, which allows our customers to continue enjoying our wonderful breakfasts, brunches and smoothies, meals that make a difference, a winning afternoon full of cocktails and ideas, and dinner in a friendly atmosphere, incredibly special.
The quality hasn't changed either, nor has the continued surprise in the area of gastronomy:that's why CB still retains its classics while also incorporating new dishes on our menu giving us the opportunity to explore other new territories. Get to know Cala Bandida. #LiveLifeOnTheEdge Have a look at our Brand Film to get to know us better and come visit us (Muelle Pesquero, s/n. Jávea, Alicante). 'The beginning', 'Non stop living', 'gastronomic selection', 'Decor & lifestyle', 'The management', 'DNA-the venture'... press play.  
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